The Nehemiah Foundation


Our Response

Common Concerns

The challenges in our community would be daunting to face alone. But together we can identify and prioritize how to address the community’s needs. Nehemiah provides thought leadership for the Christian community on how to respond to these concerns.

The Nehemiah Foundation provides insight into these concerns through the following ongoing activities:

  • Defining a Christian community vision and our response through the Case for Community Report and Summit
  • Researching and evaluating the most pressing needs in our community
  • Identifying best practices and opportunities to address these needs

Common Ground

Recognizing a lack of unity in our Christian community, The Nehemiah Foundation is working with civic and church leaders to create an overarching strategic Christian vision for Springfield and Clark County. We serve as a neutral convener for the Body of Christ to come together on common ground.

  • UNIFIED Worship Collective
  • When Springfield Sings!

Common Impact

The Nehemiah Foundation is building a network of Christian churches and ministries to address areas of distress in our community through the love of God. Bringing our time, talents and treasures together, we can create more visible, lasting outcomes for our community that will be evident in our homes, our churches and our neighborhoods.