The Nehemiah Foundation


The Nehemiah Foundation desires to MOBILIZE believers in our community to release the Kingdom of God into each and every area of brokenness and need.  We address these areas of need through these four initiatives:
  • Faith-Community Crisis Response Team Initiative
  • Flourishing Neighborhoods Initiative
  • Streamline Initiative/Care Portal: Blessings Kids through Church-School Partnerships
  • “Rise and Build” Influence Initiative

Faith-Community Crisis Response Team Initiative

Our Faith-Community Crisis Response Team is a collective of city and community leaders who have joined together to respond in the event of a natural hazard. If you would like updates on this team or to contribute knowledge and resources, join our Facebook group.

This booklet is designed to help individuals who need assistance with food and housing and to help those in ministries or non-profit organizationwho are seeking to assist them. It is designed as a quick reference to resources available in Clark County to assist those who are homeless and others who need assistance with food and shelter. Download the booklet here.

Flourishing Neighborhoods Initiative

 Christian Community Development brings shalom, holistic wellness, reconciliation, and blessing to the most vulnerable in our community, one neighborhood at a time. Through our Case for Community Report and Summit, we bring leaders from all walks of life around the table to discuss and mobilize plans, such as “Tee up for Teens.” 

Streamline Initiative/Care Portal

Our Streamline Initiative responds to the need for “streamlined processes” to help schools access the resources churches can provide. Through our partnership with Care Portal, we are able to help foster relationships in which churches can fill students’ needs.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us. Contact Tami Carter at [email protected]

“Rise and Build” Influence Initiative

Developing leadership is integral in the mobilization of our community. Through events like our Rise and Build Leadership Breakfast, we work to empower and promote the leaders in our community.