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Nehemiah Golf Classic Next Steps (and Swings)

We are beyond excited to host our annual Golf Classic this year, and even more excited to inspire all of our champions out there to support the event. If you’ve ever wanted a good REASON to spend a day on the golf course or sponsor a fundraising event, we are here for you! ? As we get closer to the August 9 event, we thought you might enjoy a reminder about WHY we are inviting you into “next steps” (and golf swings!?) with Nehemiah.

In addition to our Four Action Pillars – PRAY. UNIFY. EQUIP. MOBILIZE – we are excited to unveil our Four Pathways for the rest of this year and beyond. These initiatives will allow us to focus even more, to move with strategy and purpose into intentional community transformation.

In order to see our community thriving, we will be focusing on these four initiatives, or “pathways”, for the remainder of this year, launching us squarely into a strategy for 2022 and beyond:

1.) The Flourishing Neighborhoods Initiative: Christian Community Development that brings shalom – holistic wellness, reconciliation, and blessing – to the most vulnerable in our community, one neighborhood at a time.

2.) The Faith-Community Crisis Response Team: Equipping and mobilizing the faith community to respond to emergencies and crisis, with even more intentional wisdom applied to prevention and big-picture solutions.

3.) The Streamline Initiative: Blessing Kids through Church-School Partnerships – a wonderful strategy, partnership, and tool – a technology platform called Care Portal – which will enable churches to have even more impact on the most vulnerable schools and children in our community.

4.) “Rise and Build” Influence Initiative: Christian Leadership Development – raising up servant-leaders to respond to our most grievous concerns.

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