The Nehemiah Foundation

The needs in our public schools are overwhelming. The Church has a heart of compassion and wants to help. How can and should this happen? This workshop will focus on ways that the faith community can come together to meaningfully impact public schools so that kids can thrive. Please join us for a discussion of some of the most pressing needs in our schools and for practical tools to mobilize churches to get involved.

Meet our Speakers

JoAnn Christie, McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison / State and Federal Programs

JoAnn Christie has a background in education, community outreach and program management and has worked to support the needs of youth in the Springfield City School District since 2014. In her primary role as the district's McKinney Vento homeless liaison, she works to support the educational stability and academic success of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

Jan Williams, Community development director, Perrin Promise 21st Century Community Learning Center, and retired principal, Springfield City Schools

Jan Williams has been an integral part of Clark County's education systems and faith community for years. Jan worked as a classroom teacher for 18 years before becoming an elementary school principal for 13 years. Jan retired from her duties as principal in 2012 and now works as the community development director at Perrin Promise 21st Century Community Learning Center. Jan is a member of the Trinity AME Church, sits on the Advisory Board for the Clark State Community College Early Childhood Education Department and has also been a member of the Nehemiah board.

Sara Dixon, consultant/evaluator, 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Sara Dixon works with schools and community-based organizations as a consultant and evaluator for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, federal programs that serve high poverty students and families. Her mission is to provide resources to motivate, support and equip schools, community agencies, and churches to walk alongside kids in poverty so that they can thrive.