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COVID-19 Resources in Clark County Ohio

During this time of social distancing, many elder and high risk members of our community need assistance getting critical supplies.
​It is our hope to match those who under 60, at low-risk for COVID-19 and healthy with elder members and neighbors in our community who are high-risk so that we can love and support them through this. Matches can help their neighbors by picking up groceries or prescriptions, delivering a homemade meal, or simply being intentional about checking in every couple of days.

Learn more about Springfield COVID-19 Match today or sign up to be matched!

Learn about and share community resources that are available during COVID-19. What are you, your organization, family, and neighbors doing to protect and care for one another?

Creative Activities for Families During COVID-19

COVID-19 has altered our family routines. From school and business closures to sports and activities cancelations, the next few weeks will look very different for most of us and staying semi-isolated the next few weeks will be challenging. So, how is your family getting creative during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Communicating with Children During COVID-19

Concern over the spread of this new virus have made children and families anxious. How can we communicate with children about the disease and educate them on how to avoid infections in an age-appropriate way?

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