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Thank you – June 2021

Dear Faithful Nehemiah Champions: I wanted to send you this June 2021 installment of thanksgiving – in the spirit of Philippians 1! Today, as I was thinking of you all,…

31-Day Prayer Calendar

Prayers to Begin Day 1 We Praise you, Lord, for what you are doing on our community! Day 2 We pray for a united church in Clark County Day 3…


Our name was inspired by the Biblical account of a man named Nehemiah who God used to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. In those days, Jerusalem was a symbol of the city of God, God’s dwelling place and the center of life for the world. Today, we believe that in our community today, the idea of rebuilding our “walls” should not be a picture of creating separation, but rather, that of re-establishing the strengths of our community. Through things like sheltering for the weak, releasing human potential, and fostering relationships, our hope is to help bring people, churches, and ministries together for the good of everyone in our city. Click here to learn more about who we are.


As the only Christian foundation in Clark County, we are the financial stewards for many charitable gifts and donations.


We, along with our ministry partners, are always looking for volunteers to help carry out our missions.


Our foundation thrives on our supporters’ collective time, talents and treasurers.


Our work is amplified when we have ambassadors in churches across Clark County and in the community helping us to connect with others.

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