The Nehemiah Foundation

Nehemiah Golf Outing 2022

“Don’t Settle for Par: Hope and Action”

As Christ-followers, we are considered “more than conquerors.” We are called to “not settle!” We are invited into a life of abundance.  

We are compelled to live lives of integrity and excellence. Most of us deeply DESIRE that level of excellence, don’t we? Very few people would raise their hand and claim “no thanks, I would rather live a life of sloppy and meaningless mediocrity.” The desire for godly excellence is not usually the problem. Think about it, golfers would never say their DREAM is to simply make par. If they are truly dreaming, they are shooting for way better than that!

Often, it is a lack of balance (in any area of life) that can get in the way. For example, it is often quite difficult to balance Hope and Action. Even the missional work that fires us up, makes us weep with grief, causes us to rail at injustice, propels us into life-long kingdom-advancing work…even those fundamental passions require us to balance Hope and Action.

If we are “all Hope”: The vision and mission statements over our lives and families and organizations are often too general or resting in the realm of “ethereal thoughts and wishes.”  Though they sound inspirational, our “change the world” intentions can end up being vague and way too easy to neglect and ignore. Again, they SOUND inspirational, but they generate very little passionate ACTION. If we are “all Action”: On the other hand, those super-concrete and pragmatic goals and objectives can contain shorter-term tactics that get our attention, but lack the inspired wind of God that we need in order to remain fueled and aflame for missional work.

The Bible tells us that “faith without works is dead,” and I am wondering if “all hope and no action” is equally ineffective.

Once again, golfers will connect, celebrate and contribute to the mission of Nehemiah, Clark County’s Christian Community. As the entire faith community comes together to PRAY, UNIFY, EQUIP, and MOBILIZE, we are expecting great results as we address our Common Concerns, as we find Common Ground, and, ultimately, as we experience an “un-Common” impact!

Bring some extra $20s if you want to play along at our special hole competition – there will be a chance to double up on your competitiveness in a corn hole/bean bag toss on one hole. 

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