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Case for Community Summit

What makes a community vibrant and strong? What causes some communities to flourish, while others can seem to get “stuck”?

We will be grappling with these kinds of questions and more at our upcoming Nehemiah Foundation Case for Community Summit.

Moving way beyond conversation, this Summit will provide the time, space, and opportunity for collaboration – culminating in concrete action steps and innovative tools that will equip, empower and mobilize all of us.

Together, community members from the government, social services, faith-based/church niches can bring our most creative and strategic ideas to address the most grievous concerns as a community. We believe even more wisdom and strategic ideas are coming to Springfield and Clark County, and want you to be a part of this conversation.

Join us on Friday, September 10 in downtown Springfield. If you are passionate about community transformation, we would love to have you join us for vibrant and vital discussions on topics such as:
Education: challenges faced by our students and staff in our local schools
Housing: the lack of affordable housing and the current crisis among our unsheltered and displaced families and individuals
Mental Health: a holistic response to the mental health crisis
Racial Reconciliation: going deeper – racial reconciliation, unity, and community healing
Public Health: innovative solutions to the public health crisis, addressing health disparity, access to care, etc.
Community Development: flourishing neighborhood strategies and solutions
Crisis Response: developing better systems in times of community crisis
Leadership Development: inspiring and empowering even more servant-leaders to step into strategic, forward-thinking solutions that bless everyone in our community.

Space is Limited! We will be capping our registration at approximately 120 Clark County residents – with a healthy balance between church/faith-leaders, social services professionals, government officials. We are also hoping to see community members who have lived experience in these areas of distress and vulnerability. (Scholarships for the registration fee/donation are available upon request).

Click here to register!

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